Artsy Nannies 3-2-1

3!…  2!…  1!…  Artsy Nannies has THREE distinct services, TWO locations and ONE primary focus:

THREE Services:

  1. Employee Nannies that go to your home and hotel!
  2. Child Care at Town Square on Las Vegas Blvd at Sunset!
  3. Summerlin Drop-In Activity Center at Village Square 15 minutes west of The Strip!

TWO Locations:

  1. Child Care Center at Town Square, 6569 Las Vegas Blvd S., Q-C159, Las Vegas, NV 89119
  2. Drop-In Activity Center at Village Square, 9420 W. Sahara Ave, #102, Las Vegas, NV 89117

ONE Focus:

  1. Entertain children through skill enhancing projects.

Our Child Care Center is completely engaging, caring and fun while being conveniently located on Las Vegas Blvd.

Full nanny care (Employee Nanny Service) for your homes and hotel is also available. Each nanny is equipped to entertain as well, we can not drive the children though can go wherever you’d like the nanny and children to go together.

Artsy Nannies Summerlin Drop-In Activity Center has 45 minute themed instructional programs available that are creative and geared towards enhancing and embracing existing knowledge and skill in a fun, social environment.

Summerlin Drop-In Activity Center General Information (Applies to All Classes)

  • All program’s themes change weekly.
  • All program’s crafts and info change daily.
  • Reservations are highly suggested.
  • Children 2 and older only. (Except during Mommy & Me events)
  • Must be potty trained to attend most programs.
  • Members may only reserve up to 4 programs per day, per child listed.
  • Up to 4 siblings may be registered to one family membership.
  • Programs are 45 minutes in duration with a 15 minute snack break and available station open play.
  • Program Leaders role-play, interact, sing and just plain ol’ have a good time with the children during the 45 minute instruction.  
  • Group sizes of 10-15 children; depends on age a abilities of child.

Our member based program allows children to experience a small group environment specially tailored for children to experience several skills and focuses in many different ways. They will explore, self-manage, learn to work together and create while at Artsy Nannies Drop-In Activity Center. Each program lasts 45 minutes. This is the perfect amount of time to allow children to interact with other children, take direction from adults and allow their imagination and skills to grow on their own terms.

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