Why Parent & Child Workshops?

Time spent having fun with your child.

Be apart of your child’s growth through our Mommy and Me programs as you both experience the Montessori style materials, experiments and discoveries.

Meeting like minded parents.

Each Parent & Child program is regulated to allow for consistent experience that allows for parents to socialize in class and in free-play.

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Develop your parenting toolkit.

Early childhood is very enjoyable though challenging at times. Artsy Nannies teaches the Montessori ways to help make the most of your precious time. Each week our trained Montessori Guide offers thoughts and lessons that are on every parent’s mind distilling tips and tricks assisting you even when you are away from Artsy Nannies.

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Parent & Child Montessori is your opportunity to experience and absorb the general Montessori ways. You and your child will be in a Montessori style environment equipped with themed stations and our Discovery Guide.

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